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Path of Zero

 A Journey of Self Discovery 

What we are seeking from life, we already have, and is in fact what we are. In other words hidden within all of our desires is the desire to know our Self; our ultimate truth.

-Davey Joe Bonessi

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Path of zero is a way of living in deep connection with all aspects of life. From the way we interact, experience and influence the world, to our inner experience with our own thoughts and feelings. Learning that the inner world and outer world are actually not separate; developing this awareness and confirming this is a tremendous aid in living a happy and fulfilled life.​

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A week-long journey of deep healing and introspective inquiry toward realization of our true nature in the wild and beautiful pacific coast of Costa Rica. We will establish a consistent practice of yoga meditation and breath work to offer us clarity and discernment of latent tendencies of the mind that keep us from this realization. You will be guided through a coconut water fast and practice of silent self inquiry that ends in an ecstatic celebration with the local community. This will be a truly transformative and heart opening experience. Waterfall and nature excursions, sunset meditations, and devotional chanting are a few of the events that will occur to support a joyful transformation into the bliss of our own divine truth. 

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During these moments Davey will share his knowledge and offer practices that help us to realize the nature of mind, the universe and the true Self. Depending on your temperament and needs we will create together a way of life that provides the tools needed to not only discover and live your life's purpose, but to build healthy relationships in every aspect of your life, especially with your own body and mind. These tools can help to cultivate the strength and confidence to move through life's challenges with grace. If you're ready to step onto the path of awakening and to find your own inner joy, book a free call today.

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