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Path of Zero

Rooted in Yogic and Vedic knowledge

To know for sure why we are alive and what we are to do while we are here and where to find our own truth, purpose, and realizations towards life’s great questions. This is the mission, this is the way, this is the Path of Zero.

Mission Zero

The Path of Zero is a way of living in awareness and expression where we are no longer collecting new karmic energy while resolving the existing Karma as we move through our lives.


Rooted in Yogic and Vedic knowledge, Path of Zero has the support of thousands of years of wisdom from Humanity's greatest mind’s, along with influence of modern psychological breakthroughs. That being said, part of the blessing of this path is not only spiritual embodiment but a purified mind as well. In other words The mind shifts from being the cause of suffering, problems etc. to the way to freedom. 


Every experience of life can be clear as to why it has come; every thought, feeling and interaction has great value and can serve in awakening to the truth and eventually the permanent Reign of the true Divine Ruler of the human kingdom that is the One pure eternal spirit. To realize What is necessary for this to occur and to bring awareness to this sacred way of life that is of great maybe even of the greatest benefit to not only ourselves but all of humanity and beyond.


To know for sure why we are alive and what we are to do while we are here and where to find our own truth, purpose, and realizations towards life’s great questions. This is the mission, this is the way, this is the Path of Zero.


 Wherever you are in your life whether in turmoil and suffering greatly or looking for a depth of purpose to your life. There is a space inside all of us that we can live from that aligns all aspects of our life. The point and purpose of human life is to realize our truest nature as is said in many sacred texts by the great seers and saints of all time. Everyone , it seems at some point for all of us humans will come to realize that the desires and motivations of the mind on it’s own will not lead to lasting joy, fulfillment or purpose.

Davey Joe's Story 

Davey Joe had always been a deep thinker since a very young age, and always had connection to spirit. Growing up born again Christian he felt the power of devotion, at that time to Jesus Christ. At the same time at a very young age Davey noticed the swinging pendulum of happiness and suffering, and declared around the age of 8 years “ I don't ever want to be happy again ”. In this realization without any awareness on a way out of this roller coaster of emotional states back and forth, a severe depression established itself in his psyche. The swinging of emotions got more and more drastic and more and more destructive as years went on. Suicidal thoughts were something experienced and endured regularly. Not feeling whole or able to be a part of the world and society made him feel alone and like he didn't belong on this planet. 

Davey Joe during his mid 20’s was a time bomb! Rocketing at any given moment from deep inquiry about God and the nature of the Universe to raging violent outbursts, using physical pain inflicted on himself and others to numb or distract from the turmoil inside. After getting arrested for assault for the second time he had a major realization. That “ I am the common denominator in all of my struggles” something opened up. A profound moment of surrender where he opened up his life to be ruled by a force beyond his own mind. This is key to awakening, and it isn't required but is often induced by great suffering. Not long after that moment of surrender he discovered the Bhagavad Gita while wandering around the spiritual section of the book store. He took it home and read the whole thing that day. Woke up the next day and read the whole thing again.


The Bhagavad Gita has formed into a direct intimate relationship with God through this sacred body of wisdom and grace, and he reads it regularly. From this point on he has committed to showing up every day in trust and faith in the ways of the yogi, and sharing his realizations. Every day is full and beautiful even and maybe especially the tough times. This is written in the third person perspective by the author “Davey Joe Bonessi” as the observer as to no longer identify with the body and mind that is the vessel for this eternal consciousness to experience life. This is a display in itself of the relationship that we can develop with our layers of what we call ourselves.

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