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Essential Readings on the Path 

It is my honor and in a way duty to share all of the books that have been such a blessed part of my growth and daily practice. Study of the great scriptures and other divinely inspired writings can profoundly aid in our growth, providing knowledge, awareness, and testimony of the essential aspects of walking the path. To trust in something enough to practice takes a bit of faith and it's good to know the sources of things to help our minds to be open to their content. I have found the wisdom of ancient India such as the Bhagavad Gita and ancient China such as the Tao Te Ching are trustworthy sources. This is due to the preservation of the original content. The Indian Caste system has been of great service in preserving the original content as it was recorded thousands of years ago, dedicating an entire section of society to this. These are among the great minds of even modern people such as Dr. David R. Hawkins offers thorough contention on the nature of the human mind and the universal divine Self and how to live and navigate through life in a divine way.

I feel so blessed to share all of the wisdom that has come into my life along the way each at the perfect time, so here I hope that what you find here serves you in the same way that they have served me. Know that these are more than just books and beyond even just knowledge but they are very much living transmissions from realized beings.

Wisdom and Grace

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