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Yearning for truth; a requirement.

Self inquiry is an incredibly direct path to realizing the truth about who we are. Through this you will be walked through the layers of your mind, to presently experience your truth.


Mission Zero

 Wherever you are in your life whether in turmoil and suffering greatly or looking for a depth of purpose to your life; there is a space inside all of us that we can live from that aligns all aspects of our life. The point and purpose of human life is to realize our truest nature as is said in many sacred texts by the great seers and saints of all time. Everyone , it seems at some point for all of us humans will come to realize that the desires and motivations of the mind on it’s own will not lead to lasting joy, fulfillment or purpose.

Work with Davey Joe

During these moments Davey will share his knowledge and offer practices that help us to realize the nature of mind, the universe and the true Self. Depending on your temperament and needs we will create together a way of life that provides the tools needed to not only discover and live your life's purpose, but to build healthy relationships in every aspect of your life, especially with your own body and mind. These tools can help to cultivate the strength and confidence to move through life's challenges with grace. If you're ready to step onto the path of awakening and to find your own inner joy. These sessions are All about the realization of our true divine nature ultimately, and a good portion of the work that will be done is witnessing all of the areas of our consciousness that we are falsely identified and where the ego mind has control. This can be very triggering and can unearth deep layers of hidden functions that keep us feeling stuck, uncertain or unfulfilled with our life.


1:1 Private Mentorship with Davey Joe

This is for the spiritual seeker who is yearning for truth, willing to be honest and humble, and is ready to commit to a spiritual life. 


Davey Joe offers month containers, meeting once a week. 

Apply for a 1:1 Mentorship below. 

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