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Fundamentals on the Path

The Path of Zero 

Fundamental aspects of this path to get established with: 

What we are seeking from life we already have, and is in fact what we are. In other words hidden within all of our desires is the desire to know our Self; our ultimate truth.


The discovery of our life's purpose is found in the discovery of our true nature and identity.


Without knowing our true nature our perception is warped and therefore our thoughts words and actions are not aligned with truth or our lifes purpose; hence the Desire for Self discovery.


Without knowing our true nature any information we receive is subject to being warped and adjusted based on the desires and aversions of the conditioned mind.


The mind is conditioned throughout our lives from birth, this makes up a major part of our personal identity which is ultimately false.


Tension arises when the mind is potentially exposed.


When tension arises it is a signal that there is a belief that is being challenged. Or in other words our false identity is being confronted. From this comes fear defensiveness and a dualistic perception.


Our beliefs are fixed ideas that allow the mind to feel in control of our reality and to have a clear identity. This is not necessary for us to feel whole.


It does this because our true identity is infinite, formless and inconceivable by the mind.


The mind will project in numerous ways onto the outside world the exact expressions that it itself is not willing to admit that it performs. In other words it blames others for what it does itself.

Spiritual awakening is the mind dissolving into the real Self and inturn realizing its own reality. Which is what makes it possible for us to discuss such things.    


Suffering exists in and from our own mind, there is nothing to blame for this.


Suffering exists due to a mistaken identity with the mind.


The realization of the truth about who we are offers relief from our problems.


Realization of our truth is only experienced beyond thought/mind and is fully present, it is not an idea or concept but a direct experience.


The experiential knowledge of the nature of the mind, and the material world support the confirmation of our true Self. 


This is the beginning.

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