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Davey Joe Bonessi

Davey Joe has been a devoted yogi for over 7 years, enriched by the grace of multiple teachers of multiple traditions including Tantric and Bhakti. He found a deep healing through the studies of non duality and has remedied in a thorough and profound way the seemingly dismal relief from manic depression, anxiety, anger, and self destructive behavior. The commitment to truth about who we are and the nature of reality has carved a blessed path for Davey Joe to walk with conviction, knowing that what he has done, what he has learned and applied to his life truly works and is honored to share his first hand knowledge and experience to embracing and working through the inevitable hardships of life on earth as a human being. 

Davey Joe offers to the world a  newly published poetry book inspired by his surrender to love and a divinely inspired life, along with serving Kirtan ( community devotional chanting ). To give back what He has been blessed with Davey also offers spiritual guidance for those ready to step into a way of living that is deeply connected and honors the human journey.

About Path of Zero

Path of zero is a way of living in deep connection with all aspects of life. From the way we interact, experience and influence the world, to our inner experience with our own thoughts and feelings. Learning that the inner world and outer world are actually not separate; developing this awareness and confirming this is a tremendous aid in living a happy and fulfilled life. 


Here we will learn methods and practices that can lead you to a no method no practice way of living that is completely natural and harmonizes the eternal spirit with the mortal human temperament. Here we will learn knowledge, confirm that knowledge through experience to offer us a state of mind of certainty and confidence beyond knowledge. We will do our very best not to allow information to distract us from the ultimate present truth, but on the contrary, but to guide us to that.


From the deep, mysterious esoteric realms of spiritual mysticism and knowledge about subtle energy, the nature of reality, the nature of the mind and God, to the grounded realms of human interaction, emotional, and physical health. We can spiritualize all of our basic relationships with food, work life, community, sex, family and our relationship with our planet.

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